Why we're here

A tool to respond to a global vision: we use artificial intelligence to make cities better, smarter and more livable!


More pleasant cities with more efficient management.


A citizen-centred approach with comfort as a key indicator!


Save resources and improve quality of life.

What we think

Making cities more livable with data!
Qucit or Quantified Cities is a simple statement. The urban population will continue to grow. More people in cities should not be a problem if urban services are able to absorb this new demand. At the same time, human and human-machine interactions generate more data.
Why not create a tool to predict these dysfunctions and optimize cities?

What we do

We use data and artificial intelligence to make cities smarter. We use a data-driven, engineering-supported approach to provide predictions for urban operators and make them more efficient.

Whatever its role (back-end engineers, data scientists, graphic designers, commercials), each Quciter wants to solve real everyday problems for citizens!


World Innovation Contest (2014)

I-LAB Contest (Ministry of Higher Education and Research, 2014 et

Program of Acceleration of the European Space Agency (2016)

DataCity Program (City of Paris, Numa, Cisco, 2016)

Smart Cities Contest – Le Monde (2016)

CleanTech Open France Contest (2016)

SIATI, Best Innovative Project : Territory Development (2017)