Why we're here

A tool built with a global vision: we use artificial intelligence to make cities
better, smarter and more livable!


More livable cities with an efficient management


A citizen-centric approach with the comfort as key indicator!


Save ressources to improve quality of life

What we think

Make cities more livable with a data-driven approach!
Qucit or Quantified Cities started from a simple observation. Urban population will continue to grow. More people in cities shouldn’t be an issue if urban services are able to absorb this new demand. In the mean time, human and machine interactions generate more data.

What we do

We use data and artificial intelligence to make cities smarter. We are using a data-driven approach backed-up with engineering to provide predictions to urban operators and make them more efficient.

Whatever his position (back-end engineers, datascientist, graphic designer, business developer), each Quciter wants to solve real daily problems for citizens!


World Innovation Contest (2014)

I-LAB Contest (Ministry of Higher Education and Research, 2014 et

Program of Acceleration of the European Space Agency (2016)

DataCity Program (City of Paris, Numa, Cisco, 2016)

Smart Cities Contest – Le Monde (2016)

CleanTech Open France Contest (2016)

SIATI, Best Innovative Project : Territory Development (2017)