Improve safety on the road by identifying where and when incidents would happen.
Improve safety of your patrollers by optimizing their daily operations.

2 kinds of modules

Get key information in advance

Identify where (every 10 kilometres) and when (every 8 hours) an incident could occur on your highways.

Optimize your patrol

Use predictive information to optimize the planning of your patrols, improve the security of your users and your teams!

Our customers

Who they are

Their testimonies

Egis decides to “move with the times” with Qucit by making the most of their data “in order to optimize its responsiveness to improve the safety of customers and patrollers.
Our goal is to secure even better the highway by trying to anticipate the incidents and limit the consequences for our customers in a minimum amount of time”

Richard Lengrand

Managing Director, Egis Exploitation Aquitaine