LET's RIDE A bike to discover the city of Nantes

Hair in the wind, it is definitely more pleasant to discover a City by pedaling rather than driving. Cycling is the freedom to visit what you want and the flexibility to do it when you want.

The first episode of our series of urban bike rides: Nantes, the City of the Dukes

Arrived at the Nantes Train Station

9 am / Nantes Train Station & Jardin des Plantes

Situate the garden on maps

Facing Nantes station is the Jardin des Plantes, an ideal place to start your day! Various amusing artworks are to be discovered each year as part of the Voyage à Nantes!

Walking itinerary: 12 mins

10:30 am / Château des Ducs de Bretagne

Situate the castle on maps

Stroll through the moat and courtyard of the Château des Ducs de Bretagne, then criss-cross the ramparts offering you a view of the Lu tower. Slide down with toboggan (accessible from June 30 to August 26) towards the water mirror where you can admire the reflection of the Castle!
You will also find the tourist office opposite the castle.

Walking itinerary: 5 mins

11:30 am / Cathédrale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul

Situate the Cathedral on maps

A few steps from the castle is the Gothic cathedral of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul.

Bicloo bike station: Verdun

Walking itinerary: depends on your itinerary

12 am / Nantes City center

Stroll by bike and/or foot in the hyper-center of Nantes in order to discover the various places and the numerous works of the Voyage à Nantes! You will easily find a station to drop off your bike and a restaurant to eat.

  • Place du Bouffay with the Éloge du pas de côté by Philippe Ramette
  • Place Royale
  • Place and théâtre Graslin
  • Basilique Saint-Nicolas
  • Passage Pommeraye, passage on three levels with a great architectural value which hosts the second sculpture of Philippe Ramette, it’s up to you to find it!
  • Tour de Bretagne / Le Nid, get some height on the city!

Bicloo bike station: Bretagne Sud

Bicloo itinerary: 10 mins

4 pm / The Machines de l’île

Situate the Machines de l’île on maps Change of scenery, direction the Island of Nantes, and more precisely the western part. Let’s meet the famous elephant and many other surprises, all in an industrial universe. To get there, cross the Haudaudine bridge and go along the banks of the Loire to discover new animations of the Voyage à Nantes. Don’t forget to take a look across the river!

  • The great elephant
  • The island gallery
  • The Carousel of the marine worlds
  • Les Anneaux by Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain
  • Mètre à ruban by Lilian Bourgeat

Bicloo bike station: Machines de l’île

Bicloo itinerary: 20 mins

6 pm / Trentemoult

Situate Trentemoult on maps

Direction the left bank of the estuary for an exotic setting: the village of Trentemoult. Original with its narrow streets and colorful houses. It’s an old fishing village.
There is unfortunately no Bicloo station nearby, but no worries you can keep your bike for a ride. Other option you can attach it the time of your stroll.

Bicloo itineray: 25 mins

7:30 pm / The Tour Lu

Situate the Tour Lu on maps

Before leaving, pass by the Tour Lu and the Lieu Unique. You can also walk along the canal Saint-Félix and access the train station, south side by the Tbilisi bridge.

Bicloo bike station: Lu – Lieu Unique

Walking itinerary: 6 mins

8:30 pm / Nantes Train Station

Situate the train station on maps

End of day

Check-list for a successful stroll

Bike share system in Nantes: Bicloo

Bicloo rental rate:
Ticket 1 day (24h)= 1€
30 first minutes are free
Cost of the 2nd half-hour utilisation= 0,50€
Cost of the 3rd half-hour utilisation= 1€
Cost from the 4th half hour utilisation= 2€

The predictive app, dedicated to BikeShare, BikePredict is available for Nantes agglomeration. It allows you to predict up to 12 hours in advance of the availability of bikes and/or places in a station. Practical for planning your day in the city!


Stay tuned: the next of our series of urban rides will be live next week.

Until then enjoy the charm of Nantes!

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