BikePredict Redistribution

Improve rebalancing of your bike-sharing system by predicting where and when to act!

How to encourage the use of shared bicycles?

Bicycles are one of the most popular forms of mobility for urban travel. It is one of the best solutions, along with walking, for short journeys. However, we know that every user of shared bicycles fears two things: arriving in an empty station at the start, and worse, not being able to drop off his bike because the station is full at the finish!

BikePredict Redistribution is the solution to solve these issues. The tool optimizes the operation of a system by indicating the optimal value of the bike to be removed and returned to the stations. Thanks to the rebalancing of the stations, the system becomes more efficient and therefore more attractive for users.

Take advantage of new technologies such as artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of your business!

Improve the level of services to your users: a better availability of bikes

Optimize your logistics operations: a better management of cost

Improve the reports for your end-customer by having dynamic information: a better communication

Cas d’usage

Improve the rebalancing of shared bicycles

To address those business issues, Cykleo found a technological partner, Qucit. Qucit provides logistic products based on the analysis of each city’s data and actual circumstances to predict the shared vehicles demand.
Therefore Cykleo now uses a single tool to manage its field operations: BikePredict Redistribution. This tool provides a real-time picture of the rebalancing tasks…

Why choose our tool?


  • Interactive platform to facilitate decision-making
  • Integration of thousands of contextual data sources such as weather, calendar, traffic with your existing data sets, bike availability or user travel data.
  • Machine-learning algorithms to go further than just statistics
  • A cloud-based technology to deliver a real-time accurate information


  • User and hub management for the manager
  • Predicting bike demand up to 15 hours in advance per station or area
  • Real-time truck tour updates and optimal rebalancing tasks for each driver (available on mobile app)
  • Automatic calculation of KPIs (bike-sharing availability, rebalancing operations,…)
  • Customization according to the system (sectorization, service level, hub,…)

They trust us!

Their testimonies

“Thanks to BikePredict Redistribution, We are seeing a significant decrease in the number of regulated bicycles. This represents a progress in handling, that reduces professional risks. Of course, this decline is possible not at the expense of availability rates”

Discover the use case

Nicolas Meillan,
South-West Operations Manager

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