Decongest a road network thanks to artificial intelligence

The University of Technology of Troyes, in collaboration with the academics of Clermont-Auvergne presented a project called “TOAST”. An intelligent system that fights to reduce slowdowns in the city, that’s what this ambitious project is all about!

TOAST for (Tactical Optimization Strategies to adapt Urban Transportations networks) is a project that uses algorithms to model all road networks. Thus, according to specific events planned (work for example) or unforeseen (accidents, slowdowns…) the model is able to optimize the flow of traffic. In addition to wasting time, traffic jams help increase stress and anxiety for motorists. Guiding road networks would increase productivity, improve user health and reduce gas emissions. Everyone wins: the employer, the user and the planet!

With financial support from the Grand Est region and the city of Troyes, the project has already been awarded a European “Smart Cities” innovation prize in the urban mobility category in 2017. Thanks to this year’s fundraisers, TOAST hopes to export itself outside Troyes and make innovation available on mobile.

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One of the particularities of the blog is that it is fed by the company’s employees who take up innovative subjects on mobility and share them within the blog.

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