How to improve the user experience of self-service mobility by anticipating demand?

Who benefits from our products?

Self-service mobility operators

Whether it is bicycles, kick scooters, scooters or cars, self-service mobility operators must ensure an excellent user experience, meet demanding service levels and manage their teams and budgets as effectively as possible. The use of their fleet depends on many external factors. Uses and users are changing more and more rapidly. It is not easy to integrate them and make the right decision quickly at the right time.

Cities and public transport operators

They want to promote the use of active or soft modes. Unlike buses or metros, the demand for self-service vehicles is complicated to anticipate because it depends on many external factors (events, weather, etc.). It is not easy to provide reliable information, in advance, on the availability of vehicles to users.

Our products


Our products are all based on the same technology. It combines both contextual data to represent the city in which self-service vehicles are located and their usage data (station/area occupancy rate, rebalancing actions, damaged vehicles). Since 2014, we have developed a proprietary algorithm to anticipate demand based on the daily context.

We collect occupancy data from bike share stations in more than 200 cities around the world.

The machine learning technology or continuous learning model used makes it possible to take into account the changing context of urban areas (new school, event, change in mobility policy, etc.) and to obtain reliable information that is updated in quasi-real time.


FleetPredict User

  • Prediction of vehicle availability up to 12 hours in advance – compatible with station systems and freefloating
  • Prediction of the availability of places in stations up to 12 hours in advance
  • Available as an API (See API Doc)

FleetPredict Redistribution

  • Anticipates the optimal number of vehicles to be removed/added for a balanced system as long as possible
  • Customizable according to your system (sectorization, service level…)
  • Suitable for all types of mobility / micro-mobility in self-service, stations or free-floating
  • Available as an API, dashboard
  • Mobile application for each of your operators with a list of tasks updated in real time (Google Play App, App Store App)

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