Let's ride a bike to discover the city of Rennes

Second episode of our series of urban bike rides: today we go to Rennes, the Breton capital!

The city would be the best place to live in France according to a recent ranking published by l’Express. Near the sea, enjoying good sunshine, air quality and cultural diverse: Rennes is a must!

Arrived at the Rennes Train Station

9 am / Rennes Train Station

Situate the station on maps

LE vélo STAR bike stations: Gare Solferino or Gare Beaumont

LE vélo STAR itinerary: 6 min

9:10 am / Tourist Office – Chapelle Saint-Yves

Situate the chapel on maps

The tourist office of the city of Rennes takes place in a restored 15th century chapel. Exhibitions are held there regularly.

Walking itinerary: 2 min

9:30 am / Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

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Rich with many treasures, this cathedral was rebuilt after its demolition in the 18th century. It is an important monument in the history of Brittany. In its place were crowned dukes and duchesses of Brittany.

Walking itinerary: 1 min

10:00 am / Les Portes Mordelaises

Situate the gates on maps

A small medieval alley will take you in front of a vestige of the ramparts of Rennes. The two gates were the main entrance to the fortified town.

Walking itinerary: 5 min

10:30 am / Canal d’Ille-et-Rance

Situate the Canal on maps

Before returning to the heart of Rennes, the canal is the ideal place for a bike ride. It connects Rennes to Saint-Malo.

LE vélo STAR bike Station: Horizons

LE vélo STAR itinerary: 5 min

12 am / Rennes City center

Stroll by bike and/or on foot in the hyper-center of Rennes to discover the different squares and the charm of the Breton capital.

  • Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle de Rennes and la place Saint-Anne
  • Parlement de Bretagne
  • La Place de la Mairie with City Hall and the Opera House facing each other.
  • Palais du Commerce
  • Palais Saint-Georges

LE vélo STAR bike Station: République


LE vélo STAR itinerary: 19 min

3:30 pm / Apigné Ponds

Situate the ponds on maps

Itineraries are proposed all along the ponds. An ideal setting to walk away from the hustle and bustle of a City center, in a preserved natural setting. For the more adventurous, a beach allows swimming. Otherwise, it is still possible to enjoy water sports on site.
There is unfortunately no vélo STAR bike station nearby, but no worries you can keep your bike for a walk or tie it up for the time of your stroll!

LE vélo STAR itinerary: 24 min + 8 min on foot

6:30 pm / Parc du Thabor

Situate the park on maps

On a total of more than 10 hectares, this former garden of the abbey Saint-Melaine combines romance and elegance. You can be sure that the beauty of its flower relief, its century-old trees, its kiosk or the orangery will not leave you cold!

LE vélo STAR bike station: Place Hoche

Walking itinerary: 15 min

7:30 pm / Rennes City center

Return to the historic center of Rennes where you can easily find a place to eat. We never get tired of the atypical architecture of buildings.

LE vélo STAR bike station: Mairie

LE vélo STAR itinerary: 6 min

9 pm / Rennes Train Station

Situate the station on maps

LE vélo STAR bike station: Gare Solferino or Gare Beaumont

End of day

Check-list for a successful stroll


Bike share system in Rennes: LE vélo STAR

vélo STAR rental rate:
Ticket 1 day (24h)= 1€
30 first minutes are free
Cost of the 2nd half-hour utilisation= 1€
Cost of the 2nd hour utilisation= 2€
Cost of the 3rd hour utilisation= 3€

The predictive app, dedicated to BikeShare, BikePredict is available for Rennes agglomeration. It allows you to predict up to 12 hours in advance of the availability of bikes and/or places in a station. Practical for planning your day in the city!


Stay tuned: the next of our series of urban rides will be live next week. 

Until then enjoy the charm of Rennes!

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