New York adventure story: Marine and Paul

As part of the Urban X program, two of our teammates went to New York last November. Through them will (re)live this special moment that is the discovery of the big apple!


A first in New York for Marine


After Marie and Raphaël, it was my turn to set foot on American soil and discover a way of life very different from that of France. There is no place here for late risers, everyone is up at dawn to do a sporting activity, walk their dog, or simply start their work day early.


Our days were then punctuated by numerous meetings and exchanges with specialists in marketing, communication and design, from which I was able to draw a great wealth. A fresh look at my work and achievements at Qucit that has allowed me to evolve and bring new energy to the projects.

The ideal location of Urban-X has allowed us, with Paul, to discover the abundance of very varied restaurants in Brooklyn, from Venezuelan to Italian, including burgers and pizzas, which make New York a very cosmopolitan city.

We were also able during our evenings to attend some meetups, notably on UX, in the center of Manhattan. Very enriching moments which allow to have another vision on the attitude, the intonation of the voice or the gestures to have during a presentation. Although it is not always easy to understand the speakers with accents that are sometimes very pronounced, we can say that their presence will keep us on our toes for several hours both in substance and in the form of the presentation.

We had the enormous chance to celebrate Thanksgiving, this great moment of celebration and sharing, where we could attend the big parade and taste the delicious stuffed turkey.

The streets, the subway, the buildings, the traffic and the number of people who are in this city make us quickly realize its immensity, and its disproportionate scale.


Paul’s turn, our front end developer is flying to Brooklyn to join Marine.


First culture shock: architecture. From the outside the premises were very pretty, very colourful tags covered the red brick walls typical of New York architecture. Once inside, one is invaded by a feeling of space, the offices being arranged in open space with the other startup.

New ideas to develop our product and our communication have emerged:

  • Several meetings with a UI/UX designer and a graphic designer to get different feedback on our products.
  • Feedbacks always more interesting
  • New testers every day!

A great way to test our products in the US market!

Meet-ups, pitch, DemoDay, New York is full of interesting events. A manna of ideas and innovation that we grabbed while attending the Product Thinking meetup in Manhattan. The course: a presentation of the different stages of the product development process and methods and concepts to build high-quality products quickly.

It was the occasion to discover the greatness of New York, to visit the flagship places such as Central Park, Time Square, or the Statue of Liberty. November in the United States is an especially important month: Thanksgiving! Besides the famous turkey, Macy’s parade is inevitable with its huge balloons representing famous characters. It is also the preparation of Christmas parties.  We attended the opening of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center near the ice rink and Christmas markets.

The Urban-X program was therefore a real opportunity to discover a new culture and influential people who have a lot to teach us. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. The exchanges continue in order to perpetuate our collaboration and to bring Qucit and all its members who compose it always higher.

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