ParkPredict Control

Improve compliance with on-street parking rules through smart parking enforcement.

Who benefits from our product?

Local authorities

Failure to comply with parking rules prevents an appropriate use of public space in cities. The most common offense is non-payment, which fuels overstaying vehicles phenomenon. The result: low parking turnover rate and traffic congestion. City centers are difficult to access and some medium-sized cities suffer from a lack of economic dynamism.

Private companies

The gradual entry into force of the decriminalization of parking enforcement in Europe allows local authorities to delegate parking enforcement to third party companies. These new players must acquire effective tools to carry out optimized rounds, manage their human resources and respect their commitments to cities.

Our product

Non-compliance with on-street parking rules is a major problem for cities which depends on many external factors. Qucit uses contextual modeling and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate information to local authorities and private companies about parking related uses, particularly violations.

Contextual data used:

  • Static data: on-street parking spots, off-street parking lots, traffic flows, points of interest (schools, restaurants, shopping centers), etc.
  • Dynamic data: calendar, bank and school holidays, weather forecast, etc.
  • Parking data: violations observed, controls performed, parking meter payments, off-street parking lots occupancy, etc.$


ParkPredict Control is a decision support solution to optimize parking enforcement. It predicts when and where a certain type of violation will occur (payment default, illegal parking, obstructive parking on PRM spots, etc.). Recommendations are made available to team leaders in a supervisory dashboard: they identify risk areas and finely plan control rounds. Agents or vehicles patrolling access the recommendations through an application on a mobile phone or tablet. In addition to predictions, the Parking Monitoring Center provides historical metrics on control, payment and operational performance to help managers generate reporting and understand their system.

Benefits for Local authorities

  • Change behaviors to improve compliance with parking rules and increase the spontaneous payment rate.
  • Streamline traffic in city centers to improve attractiveness and boost economic activity in the area.

Benefits for Private companies

  • Benefit from reliable and actionable recommendations to anticipate areas of violation and optimize control rounds.
  • Analyze on-street parking behaviors with a dashboard and monitor key indicators such as violation rates or motorist profiles to facilitate reporting to stakeholders.

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