ParkPredict Off-Street

Improve drivers’ off-street parking experience.

Who benefits from our product?

Local authorities

25% of traffic congestion in city centers is linked to the search for a parking spot, while off-street parkings are not always fully occupied. At the same time, cities tend to reduce the number of on-street parking spots available. Providing a better information to drivers is key to optimize parking search.

Off-street parking operators

Car parks are often underused because drivers are not familiar with facilities or simply because leasing implies evolutions. At the same time, people living nearby sometimes fight to find a parking spot. Property actors need to understand drivers to optimize their occupancy rate.

Transport operators

Enabling users to combine driving and public transport in a seamless journey is a requirement for inclusive intermodality. Park+Ride facilities might not provide the expected value as they can be saturated when needed, and empty during the night. A tool to smooth the occupancy rate is required.

Our product

Parking in dense cities can be a real hassle and it depends on many external factors. We use contextual modelization and machine learning algorithms to provide reliable information on parking practices, demand and accessibility for drivers and operators.

  • Static data: car parks, traffic flows, points of interests (schools, restaurants, shopping centers), etc.
  • Dynamic data: calendar, holiday or festive days, weather forecast, etc.
  • Operators data: parking meter payments, off-street parking occupancy, etc.

Predictions are accessible for drivers through an API that can be integrated in existing apps and journey planners. Drivers are informed in advance of off-street parking spots availability to plan their journey. Operators access predictions through a web-based Parking Monitoring Center to help them better manage their car parks.

Drivers and local authorities’ benefits

  • Optimize drivers’ travel time and improve their parking experience.
  • Improve traffic flows in city centers to boost attractivity and economic activity of the area.

Operators’ benefits

  • Diagnose car parks performance with an analytic dashboard. Key metrics like occupancy rate or user type to report easily to stakeholders and identify optimization levers.
  • Anticipate the demand for parking spots to attract drivers to low occupancy car parks with relevant information and dynamic tarification, or to fill Park+Ride at night with dynamic adaptation of parking spots per type of users.

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