Improve road safety for all (users and patrol officers) by anticipating incidents.

Who benefits from our products?

Highway operators

Road incidents have direct impacts (mortality, injuries, etc.) and many negative externalities on the quality of life (pollution, frustration, etc.) These are events that are difficult to anticipate and depend on external factors. It is not easy to organize your patrols to be in the right place at the right time.

Cities and Metropolises

They want to maintain their attractiveness by avoiding frustrations linked to road traffic while ensuring the best possible safety for motorists. With the fast growing urbanization, the number of vehicles in urban areas has grown. Uses and users are changing every day. It is not easy to take into account all the external factors to anticipate road incidents in order to optimize the patrols of the various public services (roadside assistance, rescue, etc.).

Our products

Our 2 products are based on the same technology. It combines both contextual data to digitalize roads & highways and incident data (location and timestamping of an incident). Since 2014, we have been developing a proprietary algorithm to anticipate behaviour based on the daily context.

The technology of machine learning used takes into account the changing context of urban areas (event, change of mobility policy…) and goes further than statistical analysis on rare events such as accidents.


  • Predicts the probability of having an incident by time slot and mileage section per day, week, month and year
  • Predicts all types of incidents: accidents, shocks, traffic jams, stray animals, counter-ways, breakdowns…
  • Customizable according to your organization (section, work period)
  • Available as an API, dashboard


  • Simulates your patrol strategy from previous years.
  • Simulates your patrol strategy on a predicted year
  • Analysis of your intervention times, number of kilometres travelled…
  • Available as a dashboard

They trust us

Their testimonies

Egis decided to “move with the times” by using “data to increase the responsiveness and therefore the safety of users and patrollers. By combining the means of surveillance of the current motorway (patrol, video, and emergency call network) with a computer model that predicts events, our goal is to make the motorway even more secure by trying to anticipate events and limit their consequences for our users in a minimum amount of time “.

Richard Lengrand,
Chief Executive Officer
Egis Exploitation Aquitaine

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