At Qucit (Quantified Cities) our mission is to make cities more livable, efficient and sustainable.

We are developing a software platform that enables communities and private companies to design more pleasant, efficient and sustainable public spaces and urban services.

We use artificial intelligence to automatically understand the link between urban design and perceptions. We are a team of 25 people, based in Bègles, who support public and private urban actors to optimize their daily actions thanks to artificial intelligence. 

An exciting adventure and, above all, a work on a global scale!


At Qucit, we are are constantly working to identify urban mobility patterns, extrapolate near-future trends, and infer practical insights for our clients. We insert more than 100 millions rows of data every day in our databases, we analyze them in real-time and compute hundreds of millions of predictions to serve requests to our APIs concerning more than 500 cities worldwide for various usages.

As Senior Back-end engineer your role is to design, build and maintain a robust and scalable infrastructure that allows our team to rapidly and efficiently build value out of massive amounts of data.

We are looking for talented individuals to tackle the problem of data collection and aggregation at scale in a fast-changing environment. If big data is not big enough for you and you are a Python guru, we need you!

Your role will be to develop and maintain our core systems to put everything in place for the smooth running of our technology and services.



  • Design, build and maintain a scalable infrastructure connected to thousands streams of data from all around the world.

  • Collaborate with data-scientists to define and integrate our data analysis algorithms.

  • Collaborate with our front-end team to define and integrate the services needed by our mobile and web applications.

  • Reduce the cost and maximize the performance of our cloud architecture

  • Maintain high-quality code and best-practices and help grow the knowledge of the whole software team

  • Iterate rapidly on everything. All of the above happens in a relatively fast-paced business-driven environment, so you must be comfortable with rapid iteration.



  • 5+ years experience (PhD counts!).

  • High level coding skills.

  • Experience of complex production environments.

Extensive experience with these (or similar) technologies:

  • postgresql

  • python (flask, celery, tornado, sqlalchemy)

  • Redis

  • Unix/Linux

As a Senior Developer the ideal candidate can demonstrate skill and work experience with:

  • api design/development

  • asynchronous I/O

  • messaging systems (eg. RabbitMQ)

  • scalability and performance

  • data modeling

  • continuous delivery

  • automated testing

  • english communication skills

Any experience with the following is considered a bonus:

  • scala/java/javascript

  • numpy/pandas/scikit

  • spark/hadoop/mapreduce

  • airflow

  • postgis

  • project management

  • startup environments


Our office is located in the close suburb of Bordeaux, in Bègles, in an incubator for eco-friendly technology companies that is 15 minutes away from the Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station.


  • Challenging and varied missions with a great team of passionate coworkers

  • Stimulating and peaceful environment (BBQ in the summer, picnic tables, babyfoot, …) 15 minutes away (by bike) from Bordeaux city center

  • Free coffee, cakes, and whatever keeps you working

  • Compensation based on your profile and experience

  • Stock options plan 


To apply send us your CV at jobs@qucit.com and explain us why we should hire you.