A platform, based on a proprietary machine learning algorithm that integrates thousands of data sources to improve our cities.

How does it work?

Qucit models human behaviour using a wide variety of urban data and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms.

Our technology is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical models, data-science, data analysis, data visualization and data mining.

A unique technology for a real impact on urban services

Contextual Data

Combines any kind of numerical data to model an urban space

  • Static: infrastructure (streets, squares, roads, highways…), points of interest (restaurant, school…)
  • Dynamics: calendar (day, month, holidays…), weather (rain, wind, temperature…), sensors (traffic, luminosity, counting…)

Artificial Intelligence

Uses state-of-the-art technology in the field of artificial intelligence

  • Automatic cleaning of various data sources
  • Predictive model training
  • Creating turnkey APIs (documentation)

Proprietary data

Combines all kind of numerical data related to urban services

  • Static: infrastructure (road surfaces,…)
  • Dynamics: traffic, bike-sharing station occupancy, car park occupancy, route planning…

Interactive platform

A platform to facilitate decision-making

  • Viewing: maps, filters
  • Analysis: graphs, monitoring of indicators, tables
  • Administration: account management

A technology to serve every City

We believe in technological products to improve the organization of cities and the life of everyone.


Improve the user experience of bike-shared users by anticipating demand and adjusting system rebalancing.


Improve public and private places by objectively anticipating sources of comfort and discomfort (cleanliness, security, beauty…).


Introduce smart parking by anticipating illegal parking areas and providing a parking assistance tool for motorists.


Improve road safety by anticipating incidents and optimizing the patrols of road & motorway operators.

Interested in our technology?

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