We are improving the quality of life for everyone in urban areas!

Qucit is helping urban service providers, private operators and public institutions with a new tool to improve their quality of service.

Our story

We believe in more sustainable cities through better organization.

New data and technologies can enable urban services to proactively manage their resources every day and solve complex urban problems.

When we started in 2014, we realized that urban services needed to take into account a fast-growing new demand and all the new interactions of the outside world.

Every day, sharing of resources became more difficult and had a negative impact on everyone’s daily life (street congestion, saturation of public transport, clean of streets and infrastructure, pollution).

We realized the urgency of the situation and the need for a flexible technology, adapted to the needs of urban services, that predicts these complex phenomena.

That’s why we created Qucit for Quantified Cities!

Our mission


Build more pleasant cities with artificial intelligence where billions of people will have easy access to quality urban services!

Our awards

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Life at Qucit

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