A tool to streamline and improve the design of public spaces, management of urban services and well-being of citizens.


Our product :  the Urban Predictive Platform

We have developed the Urban Predicive Plateform to model human behaviors using a wide variety of urban data and state of the art artificial intelligence algorithms

The tools we provide to our partner companies and institutions help them enhance the experience of their customers, plan their logistics and optimize their investments decisions.

Our Solutions




Provide a better service to bike share system users (intermodality) and optimize your logistic for an efficient rebalancing of bikes.




Get a deep understanding of how users perceive your spaces. Optimize your facilities with the computed list of main factors. Simulate the influence of any new equipments.




Inform your end-users about their time-to-park, the availability of off-street parking and optimize your on-street management by knowing the fraud area.




Identify where and when incidents would happen in the future on your highway. Optimize your daily patrols.