Better User Experience
for Cities with AI


Cities are lagging behind in terms of efficiency, sustainability and livability. We believe in a global approach based on data and artificial intelligence to understand the complexity of cities and provide useful informations to city service providers.

Our goal

Improve the user experience of Cities to make sure people enjoy the real world more by understanding the impact of their environment on their behaviour and feelings.

Our approach

Quantify the real world and use Artificial Intelligence to understand the link between urban design and people’s behaviors and feelings

Our solution

A software platform that enables local governments and private companies to operate their services more efficiently and city planners to design more livable Cities.

A technology to serve every City

We believe in technological products to improve the organization of cities and the life of everyone.


Improve the user experience of bike-shared users by anticipating demand and adjusting system rebalancing.


Improve public and private places by objectively anticipating sources of comfort and discomfort (cleanliness, security, beauty…).


Introduce smart parking by anticipating illegal parking areas and providing a parking assistance tool for motorists.


Improve road safety by anticipating incidents and optimizing the patrols of road & motorway operators.

Who benefits from our products?

Cities and Metropolises

Real estate developers & managers

Cleaning & Street Sweeping Operators

Parking Operators

Motorway and road operators

Bike share operators

Public transport operators

Train stations and airports

They trust us

Our latest articles

Let’s ride a bike to discover Nice

Fifth episode of our series of urban bike rides: this time to Nice, the capital of the Riviera! Surrounded by the foothills of the Alps on one side and the Mediterranean on the other, Nice is a preserved city, which enjoys a peaceful living environment. Long affiliated with neighboring Italy, the city retains a very...

Our latest articles

Parking conditions in France

Mobility is at the heart of our activities. To go to work, to go shopping, for leisure, we need to move from point A to point B. In our modern society, the car is the most popular mode of transport par excellence. It embodies an individual's freedom and social success. This predominance of the car is...

Our latest articles

Decongest a road network thanks to artificial intelligence

The University of Technology of Troyes, in collaboration with the academics of Clermont-Auvergne presented a project called "TOAST". An intelligent system that fights to reduce slowdowns in the city, that's what this ambitious project is all about! TOAST for (Tactical Optimization Strategies to adapt...

Our latest articles

Trips habits in Lyon metropolitan area

Public transport accounts for 20% of trips in Grand Lyon. Lyon's excellent transport network (metro, tram, trolley, bus and funicular) covers a very large part of the urban area and partly explains this good figure. However, the car remains the most popular mode of transport with a modal share of 42%....

Our latest articles

And if we took the bike to discover the city of Nantes

Hair in the wind, it is definitely more pleasant to discover a City by pedaling rather than driving. Cycling is the freedom to visit what you want and the flexibility to do it when you want. The first episode of our series of urban bike rides: Nantes, the City of the Dukes Arrived at the Nantes Train Station 9 am /...
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