Improve the experience of motorists by anticipating their behaviours.

Who benefits from our products?

Cities and Metropolises

They want to maintain their attractiveness while having decongested and clean streets. Increasing urbanization has changed the population of cities, but infrastructure is not growing as fast as demand. Demand is dependent on many external factors that make it impossible to inform motorists about the readily available parking lot.

Parking Operators

They need to ensure an excellent user experience, respect the service levels imposed by their contracts and manage their teams in the best possible way. The behaviour of motorists (location, compliance with payment, etc.) depends on many external factors. It is not easy to anticipate them in order to make the right decision quickly at the right time.

Public transport operators

They want to provide a seamless experience and increase the number of users. They are a solution to avoid the frustrations associated with traffic jams. Motorists living in peri-urban areas want the guarantee of easy parking close to public transport. This demand is related to factors that are difficult to anticipate in order to provide reliable information.

Our products

Our 4 products are all based on the same technology. It combines both contextual data to represent the city in which the parking and spaces are located and data on their operation (occupancy, non-payment, illegal parking). Since 2014, we have developed a proprietary algorithm that allows us to anticipate the behaviour of motorists according to the daily context.

The technology of machine learning applied allows us to take into account the changing context of urban areas (new schools, events, changes in mobility policy, etc.) and to obtain reliable information updated in near real-time.

ParkPredict On-Street

  • Predicts the time it takes to find a parking space up to 12 hours in advance
  • Available as an API and dashboard (API’s Doc)

ParkPredict Off-Street

  • Predicts availability in parking lots and park and ride parks up to 12 hours in advance
  • Available as an API and dashboard (API’s Doc)


  • Predicts the time it takes to find a space on-street up to 12 hours in advance
  • Predicts availability in parking lots and park and ride parks up to 12 hours in advance
  • Calculates the best option available based on user preferences
  • Available as a mobile application (white label):


  • Predicts the probability of an event (non-payment, illegal parking…) per time slot and per street.
  • Customizable according to your organization (street, work period)
  • Available as an API, dashboard

They trust us

Their testimonies

“Unlike so-called ‘’miracle solutions’’ consisting in planting sensors in each and every parking space to indicate its availability, we thought the Quit solution was very interesting. Having statistics and being able to tell people that in this particular zone you have high chances to find a place, that there is public park available nearby is much more realistic.”

See the video of the testimony

Nicolas Fontaine,
Director General of Mobilities
Bordeaux Métropole

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